COVID-19. Amba is a great solution for the isolated

Video calling has become a must for people who are infected with Corona Virus and self-isolating or people who are abiding by the governments rules and just staying at home. For most people video calling is easy and there are many platforms that families can use e.g. Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp etc. However using these systems assume that all people can easily use tablets, smartphones and computers and many people, particularly the elderly, find these technologies too difficult and can’t use them. Many families have tried to set up their elderly loved ones with these technologies but have just given up.

Amba was designed specifically for this group. Among its many features , easy video calling, is one of the main reasons that most people look at Amba. Safe, secure and easy is what families are looking for. By creating a private network by invitation only, families can rest easy that they are secure from unwanted outsiders and spam. With very little coaching Amba is very easy to use and could be the solution, at this very difficult time, for these people whose only contact with their family is by phone.

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