Can electricity help dementia sufferers?

A recent study has shown mild electric currents run through the brains of people over 60 years of age improved a form of memory to such a degree, they performed as well as people in their 20’s.

The study led by Dr Robert Reinhart of Boston University explains how people may at some point in the future visit clinics with the aim of boosting the ability, which can decline with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The research showed individuals were able to retain information longer when performing tasks, for example maths, in their head.

“Negative age-related changes are not unchangeable – we can bring back the more superior working memory function you had when you were much younger,” said Reinhart.

The great news is this is not the first study to show the impact of electric currents on the brain and it appears to concur with a previous study conducted by Dr. Barry Gordon, a professor of neurology and  at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. In his study he stated whilst the working memory declines with normal aging, and it is not huge, the currents removed the effects of age with these people.

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