Safe Video Calling

Again, Zoom is under attack as it has been reported that emails and passwords have been hacked and sold for pennies. All free public video calling services include the risk that the data of the Users will be sold to…

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COVID-19. Amba is a great solution for the isolated

Video calling has become a must for people who are infected with Corona Virus and self-isolating or people who are abiding by the governments rules and just staying at home. For most people video calling is easy and there are…

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Zoom Video calling “Unsafe”

Zoom, the video calling system, has come under attack for being unsafe. Many companies and governments have either issued security warnings or banned the use of Zoom as it has a security flaw and could easily be hacked. According to…

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Number of People living with Dementia living alone predicted to double – Guardian reports

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, the predicted number of people living alone and dealing with dementia is set to double to 240,000 over the next 20 years. When the charity surveyed 354 people with dementia, 58% said they experienced loneliness…

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Can electricity help dementia sufferers?

A recent study has shown mild electric currents run through the brains of people over 60 years of age improved a form of memory to such a degree, they performed as well as people in their 20’s. The study led…

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