For the Family

“We recently had a family BBQ and my Mum was able to ‘join us’ for a couple of hours. She chatted to the kids by video call from her Amba. It was as if she was here with the family, she loved it.” – Mr A, Yorkshire (Age 60)

As a family member with an older relative living independently, particularly if they are living with dementia, you need to know that they are safe, well and coping alone.  However, contact can be limited because

The Amba system keeps families connected to the User’s Amba, via PC’s, laptops or apps on their tablets or smartphones.


Amba helps families keep in touch.


The Amba system is easy and effectively supports family members in the Users care network

  • Make video to video calls between family or carer members and the Amba User
  • Send messages and know they have been seen
  • Send photos and organise albums for the User
  • Make or amend appointments and help organise the User’s day, week or month
  • View the User’s screen and check activity
  • Receive alerts for made or missed appointments
  • Receive an alert if the Help button is tapped (twice) by the User
  • Monitor the User by switching on the Amba camera (selected members only)

Amba helps you communicate with, organise and orientate your loved ones, who may need daily support, yet live independently.

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