For Carers

“My mother is 86 and can’t live without her Amba daily calendar. She loves photos of her grandchildren and Jo, her carer, thinks Amba makes her work a little easier” – Mr D, Gloucestershire (Age 65)

Carers understand the value of supporting clients in their own homes as long as possible. Aside for home visits, communication is often limited to telephone calls.

Amba, comprising of a touch-screen for the User and the Amba app installed on Carer’s device, enables Carers to communicate in a more effective way, in addition to the personal visits.


Amba provides daily assistance to Carers.

The Amba system supports Carers

  • Make video calls for a visual ‘health check’ between visits
  • Send messages i.e “Don’t forget to take the little yellow pill at lunchtime”
  • Schedule and amend the User’s appointments
  • Know the User is taking their medications, when necessary at a prescribed times.
  • Easily programme repeated daily schedules at the touch of a button
  • Receive alerts when the User is creating a diary event or more importantly, if they miss one
  • Receive an alert if the HELP button is activated
  • Trigger remote viewing and audio connection (selected Carers only)

The Amba communication and organisational system allows Carers to offer an efficient and vastly improved service to their patients, without unnecessary visits.

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