Amba has a clear, simple display with intuitive functions, specifically designed for a User who is living with dementia, or someone who may be uncomfortable with modern technology.

Amba’s features help the User to organise themselves with support from family, friends and carers (their care network).

The Amba system operates within a closed, secure, invitation-only environment. This prevents unwanted messages, calls or spam.

Hover the cursor over the numbers to read about Amba’s features

Time & Date

The time, day and date are clearly visible on Amba’s home-screen.

Weather & Temperature

A localised weather report icon is clearly visible alongside the time, day and date.

Video Calls

Amba connects User and Members with high resolution, two-way video calling


Amba lets Members send the User photos. Photos can be stored in albums each labelled for future viewing and easy review.

Calendar & Daily View

An interactive daily calendar helps organise key appointments and set reminders. This calendar can be remotely adjusted by selected Members. If appointments are not kept, those Members are alerted immediately.


Amba lets you send messages to the User and receive messages in turn. The User can respond from a selection of preset responses.

Help Button

If the User needs immediate assistance, selected Members or Carers can be alerted within seconds.

Coloured backgrounds

Screen backgrounds can be chosen from a range of colours. black black grey grey pearl pearl green green sand sand purple purple and turquoise turquoise for clarity of viewing.

Additional Speaker

For enhanced communication.

Specially Designed Holder & useful storage space

For an easily adjustable viewing angle. Protective and Durable. Also space to place pill bottles, keys, etc.

Multiple Care Network Invitations

Eash User can invite up to 12 Members, including grandchildren, friends and carers, to be Members of their unique Care Network. Accessible using PC’s & laptops, or with smartphones & tablets running the Amba app.

Appointments & Reminders
Appointments can be set by the User, or remotely by selected members, for the User.  Members and carers can view the Users calendar remotely to monitor User activity.  Selected members and carers are notified, in seconds, if any scheduled tasks are missed.

“Getting to see my Mum as often as she wants is really difficult with work, travelling and family pressures. Now we have given Mum Amba, I feel a lot less guilty. Apart from the main features, she especially likes the photo sharing” – Mr U, Wiltshire (Age 64)

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