Become a Demonstrator

Why become a Amba Demonstrator ?

The market for Amba is enormous and growing worldwide. As people live longer and families become more separated, the need for Amba is clear. Amba has launched Amba initially in Europe and will be opening in other markets in due course.

Amba knows that Amba is a product that needs to be seen by some families who are considering the purchase.  At Amba we place a great deal of importance therefore on all family members understanding how the system works and how easy it is for themselves, individual family members and their elderly relatives to use.

Demonstrators need to ensure that families interested in Amba fully understand how it works so they get the very best from it.  This means being shown how it works by a real hands-on demonstration.

Amba is not available in retail outlets but can be bought directly via the website.  When purchased online, Amba will arrange for a demonstration and installation of the Amba with the customer if required.

Amba will recruit and train interested, dedicated and thoroughly motivated individuals in the hope that the many will become qualified demonstrators.  Achieving authorised Amba demonstrator status means you maybe one of those special individuals who can help Amba in our ambition to address the issues associated with an increasingly isolated, elderly population.

Once qualified as a Amba demonstrator you will be authorised to visit prospective buyers in their homes.

Each demonstrator will take with them a sample Amba device along with their smart phone, computer or tablet.  They will then be able to show each family how the Amba system works and how effective it is.

Following each successful demonstration, demonstrators will guide each buyer through a simple and secure password protected ordering system using a unique demonstrator only login code.

This is the best way for the global Amba organisation to ensure that each family fully understands the product and how to get the very best from it.

When the Amba device is delivered to the customer the Demonstrator will go back and spend time downloading Amba apps and teaching the customer how to personalise Amba for every relative.

When complete, the principal family member can deliver Amba to the User and get them started.

Are you a Amba Demonstrator in waiting ?

Potential Demonstrators are likely to be those who already understand the issues associated with an elderly family member who is living alone.

Why Consider Amba ?

Amba understands that there are many good people out there in routine, unrewarding jobs that don’t always provide sufficient income, and who are becoming worried about their future prospects and retirement.

If you have the passion and determination to make a difference, if you are looking for that final chance to earn what you think you deserve, if you want to do something interesting and important and finish your career on a high, becoming a Amba Demonstrator could be just the thing for you.

Amba offers a valuable career path for those people looking for a real change. If you have …

… then maybe becoming a Amba demonstrator is the opportunity you have been looking for.


Becoming a Amba demonstrator can be a very satisfying career path. In each UK region there will only be a limited number of demonstrator positions available.  The suitability of each candidate demonstrator will be determined by both regional geographic needs and the quality and experience of the applicant.


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